Online Resources

How Lincoln and Darwin Shaped the Modern World
An Article by

Understanding Evolution for Teachers
Practical classroom exercises and syllabi for teaching evolution
National Center for Science Education
The NCSE is a group defending the teaching of evolution in public schools.
National Geographic: Darwin's First Clues
Article about Darwin and current evolution research

Nova Teacher's Guide for "Intelligent Design on Trial"
A guide to accompany NOVA's video about evolution
National Science Foundation: Evolution of Evolution
Essays and video interviews with contemporary scientists
Evolution Resources From the National Academies
Ken Miller's Evolution Resources
Resources from Ken Miller, the lead evolution witness at the Dover trial

Darwin's Bulldogs -- A group blog from the Consortium for Evolutionary Studies at California State University, Fresno
A lively source of cartoons, videos and commentary

International Darwin Day Foundation
All sorts of information about Charles Darwin and the International Darwin Day Foundation.

Darwin's Origin of Species: A Biography,
Janet Browne, Atlanta Books, London, 2006, Amazon
    Use this lively book for your High School or College class or your Book Club!
    Reviews: The GuardianThe Observer

Evolutionary Writings
Charles Darwin, Edited by James A. Secord
This volume brings together the key chapters of Darwin's most important and accessible books, including the Journal of Researches on the Beagle voyage (1845), The Origin of Species (1859), and The Descent of Man (1871), along with the full text of his delightful autobiography. They are accompanied by generous selections of responses from Darwin's nineteenth-century readers from across the world.
Classroom Presentations for Teachers

Protein Evolution

Scientists were aware of proteins in Darwin's time, but it has taken decades of research since then to elucidate the important role they play in evolution. The following websites provide excellent resources for teaching about proteins.

Protein Data Bank Education Resources

Parents and Children

Animals Charles Darwin Saw: An Around the World Adventure
Written by Sandra Markle, Illustrated by Zina Saunders
Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA, 2009; Amazon
A wonderfully illustrated book detailing the life of Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle. Concepts of evolution and adaptation are explained using examples and simple terms.

Darwin and Evolution for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities
Written by Kristan Lawson
Chicago Review Press, Chicago, IL, 2003; Amazon

The Sandwalk Adventure
Written and Illustrated by Jay Hosler, Ph.D.
Active Synapse Press, Columbus, OH, 2003; Amazon
This delightful comic book created by scientist and cartoonist Jay Hosler, is both highly entertaining and educational. In it, Darwin teaches the dust mites in his left-eybrow all about evolution, and debunks their beliefs that he is a god and created them.

Sponsored Events

Brandeis Department of Biology: Darwin Delegations
In an effort to increase K12 student awareness about Darwin and his scientific contributions, the biology department is happy to sponsor visits of "Darwin Delegations" to area K12 schools. These delegations will be composed of Brandeis students and/or faculty and are willing to give short talks on an aspect of Evolution important to either the class (level). Alternatively, or in addition, the delegations can also lead hands-on workshops for the students on classification, taxonomy, diversity etc. Please contact Melissa Kosinski-Collins ( for further details or to arrange a visit.