Partners and Sponsors

Organizations promoting science education:

Massachusetts Association of Biology Teachers

Contact: Loreen Meyer,

Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers

National Science Teacher's Association

National Association of Biology Teachers

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Advisory Committee:

Prof. Janet Browne (Darwin biographer, History of Science, Harvard U)

Connie Chow (Science Club for Girls)

John Dee (former CEO, Hypnion Corp.)

Dr. Frank Davis (President, TERC)

Prof. John Durant (Director, MIT Museum)

Prof. David Housman (Cancer Center, MIT)

Prof. Jonathan King (Dept of Biology, MIT)

Prof. Melissa Kosinski-Collins (Dept of Biology, Brandeis U.)

Prof. Kenneth Miller (Dept of Biology, Brown University)

Dr. Ishara Mills-Henry (Dept. of Biology, Harvard U)

Prof. Jacqueline Piret (Dept of Microbiology, Northeastern U.)

Dr. Rich Roberts (Nobel Laureate, CSO of New England Biolabs)

Dr. Steve Raso (Research Scientist, Wyeth).

MIT Department of Biology

Contact: Lisa Guisbond, Department of Biology,

Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard

Contact: Dr. Megan Rokop,

Brandeis Department of Biology

Prof. Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Department of Biology,

In an effort to increase K12 student awareness about Darwin and his scientific contributions, the biology department is happy to sponsor visits of "Darwin Delegations" to area K12 schools. These delegations will be composed of Brandeis students and/or faculty and are willing to give short talks on an aspect of Evolution important to either the class (level). Alternatively, or in addition, the delegations can also lead hands-on workshops for the students on classification, taxonomy, diversity etc. Please contact Melissa Kosinski-Collins ( for further details or to arrange a visit.

Northeastern University Department of Biology

Contacts: Prof. Becky Rosengaus, Department of Biology,

New England BioLabs

Contacts: Dr. Richard Roberts,

                Dr. Barton E. Slatko,

Smith College Department of Biological Sciences

Contacts: Prof. Robert Merritt,

UMass/Amherst Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Program

Contacts: Prof. Norman Johnson,

UMass/Amherst STEM Education Institute

Contacts: Prof. Morton Sternheim,

Organizational auspices:

The Darwin Bicentennial Project is organized under the auspices of the Citizens for Public Schools, a public charity incorporated in Massachusetts with offices at 18 Tremont Street, Suite 320, Boston, MA 02108. The mission of CPS is to educate and advocate for excellence and equity in public education. Citizens for Public Schools is recognized as a not-for-profit organization operating under the 502c3 standard of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

CPS Board of Directors:

(Elected 3/28/12)

Steven Backman

Roy Belson

Sheila Decter

Eleanor Duckworth

Paul Dunphy

Barbara Fields

Jack Flannagan

Dan French

Ellie Goldberg

Tom Gosnell

Lisa Guisbond, Vice President

Sharon Guzik

Julie Johnson, Clerk-Secretary

Jacqueline Dee King

Jonathan King, Treasurer

Louis Kruger

Jose Lopez

John Maher

Sandra McIntosh

Jean McGuire

Monty Neill

Ann O’Halloran, President

Paula Parnagian, Past President

Luis Perez

Theresa Perry

William Robinson

Norma Shapiro

Richard Stutman

Paul Toner

Amanda Walker Johnson

Terry Yoffie

Marilyn Segal, Executive Director